Sanitas International Residents

Medical Insurances for foreingners

The Spanish law establishes that only have acces to free medicine those who quote to the social security.
For this motive is esential that those foreingners with residence in Spain but without agreement between their country and the spanish social security have a complete medical insurance without copayments and repatriation included in dead case.

This kind of coverage it is obligatory for foreingners, it is imprescindible to obtain the visa or the residence permitment.

Coverages included in Sanitas International residents

  • Primary healthcare

    General medicine,emergencies, pediatrics, nursing services…

  • Access to the majority of medical specialties without restrictions

    Traumatology, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, oncology, psychiatry…

  • Diagnostic tests performing

    Clinical analysis, ultrasounds, radiography, magnetic resonance etc.

  • Therapeutic methods and treatments

    Cancer treatments, respiratory tract therapies, logofoniatria sessions, radiotherapy, lithotripsy, rehabilitation and clinical psychology…

  • Surgical interventions

    With or without hospital admission.

  • Dental treatment coverage

    Sanitas Dental 21 this included in the product and gives access to all the centres and odontologists of our dental network, with 30 services included in coverage and until a 21% of discount in the rest of treatments.

  • Hospitalization

    Income and stay in hospital.

  • Repatriation

    Coverage of repatriation included in case of demise

Services included in Sanitas International Residents

  • Second medical opinion

    You can consult a second medical opinion. Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognised international prestige.

  • Urgencies in case of voyages abroad

    Until 12.000€ / year.

  • Sanitas 24 hours

    Telephonic service of urgencies and medical consulting all day

  • Attention to the customer in English through Sanitas Welcome

    Service of telephonic attention 24 hours that will allow you speed up negotiations.

Additional hiring coverages

  • Pharmacy

    So that your medications cost you only half

  • Optics

    With this coverage we help you in your expenses in optical material such as graduated glasses or contact lenses graduates

This policy also includes specific coverages for foreigners residing in Spanish territory:

  • Repatriation guarantee: Repatriation to the original country of the insured with a companion in case of death of the insured person.

    You can have all the information related to the policy in ENGLISH and GERMAN .

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